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Marking a welcome return to The Old Red Lion Theatre, Islington for us, our second production, THE FABULIST, enjoyed its run there at the end of 2006. Directed by Howard Ward and designed by fabled film, TV and stage designer Eileen Diss, this comedy-thriller by Tim Whitnall starred Paul Goodwin in the title role with a cast including Tessa Churchard, Joanna Mays, Rosie Wilkinson and Paul Reynolds (above) and the special participation of the legendary Fenella Fielding.


Fringe Report

4 stars5 stars

'Verdict: Fabulous Darling! Sharp, funny and enormously entertaining… The underlying black humour which is Whitnall’s brilliance… A delightful and funny fable'

Extra Extra

5 stars4 stars

'Tim Whitnall’s sharp satirical play… This effervescent fringe production could easily dethrone many of its glitzier West End counterparts… Go and see The Fabulist and you’ll have the time of your life… Definitely the genuine article'

Australian Times

5 stars4 stars

'Absolutely Fabulist… A fast and energetic thriller that keeps it’s snugly packed punters chuckling into their pints… thick stream of colourful wit… a succinct plot that holds your attention and keeps you guessing until the final gag'

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Further Info

THE FABULIST was inspired by a radio interview heard by the writer inwhich a former professional actor revealed his current job for a major London departmentstore as an anonymous “fall guy”. Masquerading as various heads-of-department,his job required him to intentionally incur the ire of any dissatisfiedcustomers. Drawing upon his experience of character study, vocal dexterity, costumeand make-up to assume his disguise(s), he could often find himself reprimanded bysenior management - “and on a good day fired” - thereby appeasing the customers.If a ‘fabulist’ like this could maintain such a subterfuge, what else mightthey be hiding?


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