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Shot in North London in the winter of 2017, GONE is a short film co-produced by Feather Productions and TeamAkers Productions. In a beautifully pitched, powerfully moving piece by writer/director/co-producer Laurence Akers, the brilliant Suranne Jones and Daniel Betts (with support from Robert Perkins and Zaraah Abrahams) portray a contemporary couple who re-meet following their traumatic separation. The cinematography is by Chris Fergusson with original music by Rose Betts.


4 stars5 stars

5 stars4 stars

5 stars4 stars

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Further Info

GONE was officially selected in a number of international film festivals, including: 

• Cannes

• Nice

• Hastings

• Brighton

• Oxford

• Manhattan


It was awarded a Certificate of Merit in the prestigious 2018 SAN DIEGO BEST SHORTS.

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