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Les Dawson: Flying High. Starring actor and impressionist Jon Culshaw, this show brilliantly channels all the emotions such a rich life would procure, gifting the audience with anecdotes, incidents, and insights into Les’ journey, as he travels on Concorde at twice the speed of sound 68,000 feet above the Earth, in this new play from BAFTA and Olivier Award winning writer Tim Whitnall and director Bob Golding. With the intent to go beyond and above a basic recount of Dawson’s life, the piece explores contemporary themes such as mortality, identity, love, kindness, spiritual beliefs or even ambition,that paced Les’ life. Tim analyses concepts we have all faced or inevitably will, as he magnificently narrates the happy moments, trials, and tribulations of Les’ life. He presents a more philosophical version of the late popular comedian, as he dives into his indisputable literary talent and the origin of such a successful and brilliant life. Les Dawson: ‘Flying High’s dramatic foundation is an advantage in building up the ambiguous tone and style of this ‘hilarious-yet humbling; heightened yet grounded; poignant yet ultimately uplifting’ tale.


Broadway Baby

4 stars5 stars

“Tim Whitnall’s play is an affectionate homage to Dawson… Woven kindly and delicately with witty paraphrases and pastiches of Dawson’s style… The trio of creatives gives us something both delightful, insightful and simply entertaining. All three are at the top of their game… One of the best shows you’ll see in Edinburgh this year!”

Daily Mail

5 stars4 stars

“Les Dawson is back! A miraculous resurrection of Manchester's greatest stand-up… Tim Whitnall's saucy script takes us back to Dawson's childhood, growing up in working-class Collyhurst in a house so tiny “the fleas on the dog didn't jump for fear of concussion”… What a joy it is to have him back. Verdict: Les is more.


5 stars4 stars

“It is at times eerie… For the impression alone it is worth the price of the ticket, but there is so much more… A thoughtful portrait of a man whose career deserves revisiting… Expertly stitched together in Whitnall’s fast-paced script… A nuanced portrait of Les… Culshaw plays him with subtlety and warmth - and plenty of laughs.” 

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Edinburgh Listings:

Show: Les Dawson: Flying High

Dates: 03.08.22 to -28.08.22

Venue: Assembly George Square: Gordon Aikman Theatre

For details of UK Tour dates and tickets please follow this link.

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