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THE BLUE FEATHER, Tim’s episode from Series Two of the popular crime series, THE MALLORCA FILES, aired on BBC One on 5th February 2021. Set against a backdrop of the island’s hauntingly beautiful northern coast, the plot follows detectives Miranda (Elen Rhys) and Max (Julian Looman) in their manhunt for a British ‘twitcher’ (Wayne Foskett), reported missing by his concerned wife (Kacey Ainsworth). The trail soon leads all concerned in an unexpected new direction...



4 stars5 stars

"The BLUE FEATHER is cleverly and intricately plotted, and the script is taut and smart"

5 stars4 stars

5 stars4 stars

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Further Info

Starring Elen Rhys and Julian Looman the episode was directed by Christiana Ebohon Green and produced by Dominic Barlow and Ben Donald.

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THE BLUE FEATHER - visit the BBC iPlayer.

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