Once Seen On Blue Peter

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Once Seen On Blue Peter (Cahoots Theatre Company) formed a celebration of the iconic BBC children’s TV programme, marking its diamond anniversary. Devised by Tim Vincent, scripted by Tim Whitnall and directed by Ian Talbot, it starred ex-presenters Mark Curry, Peter Duncan, Janet Ellis, Peter Purves, Valerie Singleton and Tim Vincent, joined by actor Ian Crowe, with a special contribution from Christopher Biggins. Previewing in July 2018 at the Tabard Theatre, Chiswick, the production opened at the Assembly Ballroom, Edinburgh as one of the Festival Fringe’s “must-see shows” (Independent/ Guardian/ Evening Standard).



4 stars5 stars

‘A hoot… I only wish the show had been twice as long!’


5 stars4 stars

‘Astonishing… why wasn’t I asked to be in it?’


5 stars4 stars

'A wonderfully warm hearted hour…a sincere tribute that brought sniffles to the Assembly Ballroom… sublime’

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Further Info

The BBC children’s magazine TV series BLUE PETER was first screened in October 1958, making it the longest-running children’s TV programme in history. Some five thousand episodes and thirty-seven presenters later, ONCE SEEN ON BLUE PETER was one of a number of commemorations in 2018 marking that extraordinary milestone, along with several ex-presenter reunions and the release of a unique diamond anniversary Blue Peter badge.


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