Notes From A Small Island

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We are tickled pink to announce that comedian and impressionist Jon Culshaw will play Bill Bryson in a theatrical adaptation of Bryson's hilarious travelogue Notes from a Small Island, touring the UK this autumn. The odyssey takes Bryson from Calais to Scotland in 1995 as he rediscovers the land that he called home before moving back to his native United States. Paul Hart will direct the show, with a creative team and cast still to be announced. Bryson commented: "I am naturally intrigued and excited to see how Notes from a Small Island will be translated into a theatrical experience. I am especially delighted that Jon Culshaw will be taking the lead role. I have no doubt that he will be a better me than I am!" Culshaw said: "It's a great pleasure and honour to have chance to portray Bill Bryson. His delicious wit makes preparing the role an absolute joy."


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